Photography by Christopher I Black


My version of a selfie:

Placing my Fuji x-pro1 combined with the xf 18mm f/2 on the ground, (no tripod method) I used a 10 second self timer to get into place & stand still for 30 seconds while the camera exposed. This was shot on the coastal walk in Pafos, Cyprus during December 2015.

I started this blog back in 2016 as a 365 project, supposedly taking 1 picture a day for the year, hence 365. It failed very quickly, as i like to shoot in different locations, it’s hard to travel to new places when i had to go to work, So i ended up posting at the weekends with pictures of trips i went on, to the Zoo, etc.

The idea of a 365 project is to practice taking pictures, getting better and better, even though it failed, it still pushed me to take pictures at the weekend, so i can argue it still helped me by getting me to shoot. In 2015, i had almost given up on photography.

In November 2016 i started a new career as a professional photographer for Volkswagen. It is great to think, how did i get here! But, i did put a lot of effort in to get this job!

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