Photography for me is being able to immortalize something beautiful.
Things we see everyday are not interesting, cameras are designed with shutter speeds that freeze action at 1/8000s or blend 30 seconds of action into a single image.
Being able to change aperture is also something the eyes can not do.
Creating images the eye can not see is what makes them interesting and beautiful.

My first camera was a Fuji when i was 14 and ever since i’ve stuck with Fuji.
I know they are just a case filled with electronics but they like to do things differently to the leading brands, like have weird sensors and film modes.
I believe the S5Pro and X-Pro1 are works of art.

Starting this 365 project has not been easy so far, having to think of interesting subjects and compositions every day takes a lot of thought.
But i have already taken some great pieces and started to develop an abstract style i never though would be me.
My favourite subject is night photography because you never know what you can end up with, it’s very artistic and experimental, some of my best work was taken at 2am.