Free Saal photobook

This was free (RRP £40) 😀 What an awesome company Saal are, all they asked for was a review of the book, which i have taken a long time to finish.. Sorry

I was planning on recording a voice-over but decided my voice sounds horrible! So instead here is my review:

I was scrolling through my Instagram when an advert came up for a free photobook to the value of £40. Obviously my first impressions are “Yeah right.. What is the catch, there is always a catch!” But on this occasion, there was not!

I clicked on the advert and i had to send Saal an email explaining why i should be given this opportunity, i said i was looking to take my passion of photography into a profession, for which a photobook would definitely give me the edge

  Strangely enough, I now work for Volkswagen as a photographer! I did take my Saal book to the interview and it definitely helped

Saal emailed me back within a few days with a voucher code to be used within, i think c. 14 days

I tried to use my most recent images but i threw in a few old ones that had never been published. all images were full size to the page apart from the front + rear cover which was a two page spread panorama which i love, i added text, with location and camera details for me to remember the settings i used and hopefully give the viewer a little something to read to spend more time looking through.

Saal has their own software to download to create the book, i used it on a Mac and could not fault it, simple yet enough tools to create multiple designs

Once you have finished designing the book you simply upload it to Saal and they print it and deliver it. I ordered on Thursday night and had it in my hand on the Tuesday. From Germany to England that is speedy!

Two images shot at night were printed horribly with cross hatching lines all over. I would recommend not using dark images with very little colour detail

I opted for Glossy pages, and padded cover, an extra £10 but worth it. i had the lowest page count of 26 as i wanted to keep to the £40.

You can remove the barcode for another £5 which i would recommend. it is not a spoiler but would look better without it

The book is stuck together nicely and looks very professional, inside image quality is epic and although the cover is glossy too, it is duller and much lower resolution

Overall i am very please and thankful to Saal

It is incredible!


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